The support of the private company is essential for us. The sponsorship and colaborations offered is not in exchange for anything, WE OFFER  GOOD ADVERTISING!

Featured sponsor:

Companies that sponsor us:

Companies wich collaborete:

Personal Sponsors of Angel Batlle:

Help to the sport base is very glat but in addition you will obtain a good image and diffusion. How?

We are placed in the entrance of Torredembarra, , therefore, for example the advertising with banners to the fence of the park is very visible and only for €300/year. Or you can have your logotype and link web right here for only €50/year.

Advertising during all the year in our facilities, sportive equipment, to the competitions that organise, banderoles, etc.

  • The colaborations and sponsorships with the club can be studied and dealt  in each case. 
  • Also I fit the possibility to sponsor one of our pilot pointers how Àngel Batlle or Marc Piquer.
  • They accept exchanges with especies  for example: material, equipment, vehicle, displacement and others.

It Is necessary to emphasize the support of the Town Hall with the councilor of Sports, that always leans our entity and the events we organise.

  • €50 logotype to the web with link
  • From €50, colaborations in championships (posters, banners, logotype to the bottom of podi, flags, etc.)
  • €300 banner 2x1m to the BikeTrial Park
  • From €300 logotype to the sportive equipment / personal sponsorship.
  • €550 banner 4x1m to the BikeTrial Park
  • €750 banner 6x1m to the BikeTrial Park + link Web.
  • €800 banner 2x1m, link Web, logo to the podi and videos of the club and events.
  • From €900 logotype to the vehicle or remolc of exhibitions
  • €2.500 banner 4x1m, more the previous, logo 30x8cm in main equipment and of street, videos, logo podi.
  • €8.000 banner 6x1m, more the previous, link main Web, media, logo 30x30cm to T-shirt and pantaló and clothes of street, videos and video personalitzat, acts, presentation of products, exhibition for the company.
  • €15.000 the previous more: 4 banderolas to the park and podi, logo main to the tow, merchandising for events and partners (gorras, xandall, umbrellas, bags, etc).
  • €25.000 Exclusivitat, includes all the previous advertisings of the dossier and only will do advertising of his company, zone personalitzada during all the year, advertising fence 300x2m (closed of the park) , events for his company, and any suggestion or idea that propose the company.

If you are interested asks our more fulfilled dossier.