Fran Tejada wins the Titan Desert and Albert Ranera 2nd

07-05-2018 0 comments Angel Batlle

Fran Tejada wins the Titan Desert and Albert Ranera 2nd in the Corporate category, in pairs.

The Titan Desert is one of the toughest races in the World in BTT, 6 stages with 700 km of course and 7,000m of accumulated unevenness, all in the desert of Morocco, with dunes, very complicated terrain and high temperatures. This race has been followed this year by about 20 countries and more than 25,000 people according to the organization.
Two bikers from our Bauhaus team - Purchbici, from our Bikepark Torredembarra club have taken part as we call in Corporate category for couples finishing first and second with their respective couples.

Fran Tejada with his partner have won all the stages in the category and even one day they were placed in the top5 of the general.
Albert Ranera with his partner went back to the second final place.

They tell us that it is a very hard race, with the desert, it is very difficult to keep the concentration so many hours and days followed

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