Success in the second round of the Tarragona Trial Cup

30-04-2019 0 comments Angel Batlle

Success in the second round of the Tarragona Trial Cup held at the Stel de Roda de Berà campsite, organized by the Bikepark Bauhaus Torredembarra club.

The incomparable environment of the Stel 5 stars camping has made this race a special attraction, the circuits were superbly integrated into the campsite and the public enjoyed the skills of the participants.

60 participants from all over Catalonia, Aragon and the Valencian Community and took part.

To the highest category Ot Sierra was the winner of the test with forcefulness over his rivals.
In R2 Albert Lopez won in a race quite tight and with a lot of participation.
In R3 also a lot of equality and victory for Max Ballesté
In Alevins, the new victory of Paula Cuesta
In Principiants also with a lot of participation, victory by Bruno Moreno.
In the smaller category, the Benjamins, Efren Lara won.
In Open Blanc, the winner was Julen Garcia and Open Blau Marc Fernadez.

The drivers of our Bikepark Bauhaus Torredembarra club obtained the following results:
Sergi Pamies 4th in R1
Pau Biosca 8th in R2, and Marc Llauradó 10th
Marc Capellades 7th in R3
Pol Alcantara second in Alvenis.
Marc Faro 5th in Beginners, Alex Martí 7th, Carlos Capellin 9th
Marcel Martí 6th in Benjamins, Alan Mendez 7th, Enzo Ros 8th, Noemí Faro 9ena.
Axel Mendez 6th in open Blau and Pere Dalmau 7th
Gonzalo Turrada 4th in Open white, Lluc Vazquez 5th, Ian Carmona 7th, Alex Torrado 8th

Ultimately, a race that pleased a lot and we would like to repeat the next season. The third test of the Tarragona Trial Cup will be in Prades on June 16.

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