Previous interview with TITAN DESERT, Albert Ranera and Fran Tejada

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Previous interview with TITAN DESERT, Albert Ranera and Fran Tejada from the Bauhaus Bikepark Torredembarra team

- This week you embark on a great adventure, the so-called extreme mountain bike race, the Titan Desert, is not it the first edition that participates in it?
* FRAN: In my case it will be the second participation after last year's.
ALBERT: In my case, it is the first time I have participated, although last year I followed him closely by watching the performance of Fran and two more friends who also did it.

- How many days of competition are, in which countries? How is the exertion in these countries?
* FRAN: In total there are 6 stages of about 100-120km each and is disputed in its entirety in Morocco. It is a very shocking experience since in the area where the test is disputed the time seems to have gone 100 years back. Everything seems undeveloped. And in the area of ​​pure desert it is shocking to see villages living in the middle of nowhere.
ALBERT: Well, he has described it perfectly in Fran. Aside from the competitive stages, on Saturday before, usually people usually run around the area to verify that the bicycles are perfectly adjusted, since we sent them 2 weeks ago by boat and have to see that everything is in place and resume the "feeling" with the bike. In the first stage, it's coming out well!
- The star question, How many kilometers and unevenness? How are paddocks where I sleep.
* FRAN: This edition will include the hardest stage of the Titan Desert story. It will be the first stage, and it will have about 115km and 2800+ This, along with the second stage where we will have to load all the necessary to spend the night in the desert, there will be no assistance on arrival and the 5th stage where we will not have a track and they will only give us some obligatory step points, they will be the star stages. Paddocks are camps in the middle of nowhere. Haimes where we sleep in groups of 3 and a tent where people can spend time and eat when each stage ends. There are toilets and showers (Yes, Yes, in the middle of the desert) as well as medical and device loading service.
ALBERT: You know the experience of last year eh? He knows everything! There are also other kinds of tents, such as general services: where you eat, the press tent, race direction ... finally, we leave a camp every morning and get to the end of the stage to another. I do not want to imagine the logistics sarau they should have!
- You have prepared a lot this winter, and take a few races by winning ... what is the goal for the Titan?
* FRAN: Clear objective. Try to win the Corporate category. We have trained very hard for that and we will go for it all.
ALBERT: I also participate in the Corporate category. Earn ... you never know but it is very difficult! It runs in pairs (both members of the team must always ride together) and Fran and Pep, their teammate, are a really impressive team and it will be difficult for someone to surprise them. My partner and I, we will try to go from less to more if we can, he is very climber and I am a rocker; we had how we combine it !! As you say, the results of the moment accompany us and that makes us go to the Titan Desert with great desire and optimism!
- Obviously, the physical factor is super important, but in this type of race, I am sure that the head is 80%? How do you work it?
* FRAN: The most important thing is to be aware of what your body tells you. Know at all times how far you can tighten yourself. Wanting to follow a wheel that is not yours or stop eating or hydrate can result in disasters. Concentration and certainty are key.
ALBERT: In my case, I am focusing a lot in the long distance and in the future, if all goes well, to the ultra distance. In this way, I have been working for a long time on the mental issue (although I am already serious!) I train in very long, routine and tedious sessions that help a lot. In addition, doing many hours races is a way to work it!
- What will be the first thing you do when you return from the Titan?
* FRAN: Re-train! After the Titan there will still be 2 major challenges. The Barcelona-Perpignan-Barcelona and Pedals de Foc Nonstop, which is the championship of Europe of ultramarate.
ALBERT: Celebrate the fact of having lived this adventure; If it can be with a good better result, but rather the fact of having been. And to go back to the bike! They sell months full of tests and long enough: two roads (one of 400k and one of 600k), surely the Cat700 with btt or gravel and some shorts of btt! Aim: get to the test for the longest test of the year: 1200km in August!

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