The Torredembarra Bikepark returns to weekly classes from 12 September.

02-09-2020 0 comments Angel Batlle

The Torredembarra Bikepark returns to weekly classes from 12 September.

With classes from Monday to Saturday with the disciplines of Trial, BTT / MTB (mountain biking), BMX-Dirt jump, Road (road, on demand).

Hours: Monday to Friday a session from 17:30 to 19h and one from 19 to 20:30. Saturdays a session from 9 to 10:30 and one from 10: 30-12h.

Mountainbike (BTT-MTB): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Trial: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
BMX-Dirt Jump: Saturday in first session. would expand Friday if group is created,
Road: to specify day if group is created.

We have one of the best facilities in Europe, varied and multidisciplinary, with lighting, and very well valued by users. All ages and all levels, we have qualified monitors with training and experience, we adapt to your level so that you can improve in the best possible way.

We work values ​​with children, respect, self-sufficiency, camaraderie, non-rivalry, concentration, overcoming, effort, respect for people and nature. Also with adults and at the level of sport as a healthy activity and even a competition team, with personalized, specific and intensive training plans. Improving the technique will improve safety and you will enjoy this fantastic sport much more.

We do many activities such as club, outings, training, summer camps, days and lunches at the club to make pineapple and a great social fabric.

You can also become a member of the club without coming to classes, or enjoy the facilities with a day ticket of 5 €.
You can also buy our equipment at a price below cost if you are a member and a little more than cost if you are not, a high quality equipment!

We also do private lessons, birthday parties, guided tours and more!


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