This Sunday we were at the Scott Marathon in Cambrils

13-04-2021 0 comments Angel Batlle

This Sunday we were at the Scott Marathon in Cambrils, scoring for the Spanish Open MTB Marathon (XCM) where 7 members of the Bikepark BAUHAUS Torredembarra participated, with a total of 800 cyclists and a spectacular level.

A circuit of 60km with 1300 of accumulated difference in altitude, with the first 20km of flat, at a hellish pace of 30km / h, a mountain part of 20km which meant very hard climbs to accumulate the 1000m of difference in altitude, and 20 km more of plan to reach the finish line where you had to paddle a lot and a lot.

Good results for our cyclists with respect to the expectations maintained.
Position 49 for the Elite Joan Miquel Martin with a time of 2h34 which means an average of 23.5km / h, p.115 Enric Perera, of 125 elites.
Pos. 25 by Sergi Segú in under.23 in his debut with 2:52, retired Marc Capellades due to a breakdown, 38 in the category.
Àngel Batlle in position 71 with a time of 2h51, Oscar Parra p.112 and Edu Alcaine p.115 of 125 masters30

Next weekend we will have 3 races again !!

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