Extended news of the Xtreme BTT Torredembarra march.

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Extended news of the Xtreme BTT Torredembarra march.

About 170 riders participated, choosing one of the two routes, 31 or 61 km, This route, which was very well studied by the organization, offered cyclists all the way without crossing roads and with many paths and technical parts, especially the A long route that with 1300m of unevenness, but a very rough terrain made the participants bicycle a lot.
With rain from previous days the terrain was wet and muddy at certain points, cyclists generally enjoyed a lot

The absolute winner of the long journey was Pau Marzà of the Gobik team with 2hores and 54 minutes, a brutal rhythm of more than 21km / hour, followed by Javi Galvan and Sergio Gutierrez. In girls won Lourdes Cayetano, followed by Arantxa Salvador and Rosa Almazora.

In the short distance the winner was Oscar Mestre de Megabici with 2 hours and 26 minutes, followed by Javi Toledano and Oscar Ruiz.
In femines won the rider of our club, Marta Rubio del Bikepark BAUHAUS Torredembarra, followed by Veronica Vazques and Esther Hernandez.

Great race of our cyclists!
Marta Rubio won in short female female category.
Miquel Aros also did it in the short distance under sub23 category followed by Joan Dalmau also from our club.
Fran Tejada participated in the long distance being 3rd to master 40, despite not being their distance or specialty, a race so technical.

Up to 14 bikers from our club and they took part. The general criticism of all cyclists seems to have been marked by retail and has been a great organization, with the differentiating point of other marches due to their technical difficulty, but also very fun.

CLASSIFICATIONS with all categories.
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