This Sunday TGN cup in Prades

15-05-2017 0 comments Angel Batlle

Here have all the info for the second test of the Cup Tarragona of Trial 2017 that celebrates in some very different surroundings of the first test, and that the Cup Tarragona 2017 will have some very varied terrains to each test!

Open telematic registrations until Thursday

In that case the mountains of Prades and his humidity will receive us in a terrain of forest humid land and smooth rock with 

09:00 to 09:30h Registrations (Alevi, childish, cadet, open green and classical)

09:30 to 11:30h race of the levels  Alevi, childish, cadet, open green and classical to the  9:30   with 2h30 minutes of race (+30 penalty), 

10:00 to 10:30 Registrations (Benjamins, open white, blue, and beginner)

10:30 to 12h race Benjamins, open white, blue, and beginner  to the  10.30 and have an hour and half of race.

The Parking and exit will realise to the field of football. There will be service of bar and sortejos.

You remember that to the new participants tindràn of obsequi a "exclusive" souffle of the cup Tarragona. And those that take part to all the championship some gloves Trialbikes!

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