Quarantine days What to do? How to train and feed?

11-04-2020 0 comments Angel Batlle

Quarantine days What to do? How to train and feed?
What will we do when this is over?
Plans for these days, educational cards.

From our club, as a social entity, we do not stop even though we do not do cycling school these days.
These days of quarantine at home we carry out trainings and educational sheets for the little ones
We look forward to making it happen and we are preparing for it as well.

- Do you want a home workout plan these days? with the possibility of doing it 100% without material, 100% personalized to the material you have (without material, weights, gums, household utensils, roller, etc), roller routines etc.

- We also help you with students, from initial cycling to ESO in exercises and knowledge related to the world of cycling, where we will work in all areas (linguistics, mathematics, art, social, natural, values).

- When this happens we are waiting for you with the best offer in the Tarragona field for private lessons in technical mountain biking, BMX, Enduro MTB, Trial or road driving. (Also group classes though we assume it will take a little longer).
- Guided walks through our territory, DISCOVER the surrounding environment, there is a lot to discover and know, with family or friends, cultural, gastronomic routes, stages with stay in hotels or motorhomes, support of Ctra van, vinoculture, Roman routes, natural places, etc. Because you don't have to go far!


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