April 29 th Trial Tarragona's Cup to Catllar start!

13-04-2018 0 comments Angel Batlle

April 29 th Trial Tarragona's Cup to Catllar start!

This year with two important news, the first one, adds the category R1 (red) to give continuity to the pilots that already the orange level sel was short and call new drivers of the highest level.

The second, the nomenclature of the new categories R2 (orange) and R3 (green). This year will keep a category of classics with two level options.

The inaugural Catllar test will take place in recent years with 5 zones in two turns, two in the castle, two in the river and a new one in the Torre d'en Guiu space, where for the first time there will be the logistics center the race.

As always there will be bar service and draws! Do not miss it!
The inscriptions will be the same week on the web of www.ciclisme.cat i

In the pictures you can see the categories and schedules, remember that these are from 9 to 9:30 confirmation of the categories R2, R3, Aleví and Classic, with exit 9:30.
And from 10 to 10:30 confirmation of categories R1, Benjamin, Beginners and Open blue and white.

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