Calendars 2017 trial bici and motorbike and BTT

19-01-2017 0 comments Angel Batlle

How already you know our club has diversificat and receive different disciplines, 2017 will be a year attempts and with many competitions for all the levels.

To continuation leave you link with calendars of Trial with bici, motorbike for boys and BTT for boys to lands Tarragonines. But use comment some events that are not to the calendar and organise to our club:

  • 5 of February, meeting of all the disciplines, 4 zonetes of trial and Calçotada of germanor.
  • 12 of February, previa of the Cup Tarragona, 5 zones two turns, same levels of the Cup Tarragona to go taking rodatge. You REMEMBER that there is category of classical with two levels. Soon more info.
  • 29 or 30 of April, Day Solidary, with many disciplines to collect bottom for two next entities, there will be trial with bici and motorbike, exhbicions, surprises, sortejos, competitions of cars teledirigits, dirt jump and bmx, parkour, dances, etc.
  • Masterclass Of tecnificació BTT, already will say dates at a later date.

To continuation can see the official calendars:

Calendar Trial (bike) races in Catalunya

Calendar Cup Catalana  Trial  motorbike for kids  

Calendar BTT kids Tarragona

You can see more races of the calendar of BTT or other modalitats of cycling to the web of

REMEMBER that our club organises a march of BTT  the November 5, 2017 with two levels, a short of 20/25 km and a long and Xtreme of 50/60km,  still to define the route.

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