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24-04-2017 0 comments Angel Batlle BTT

This weekend contested to Vilanova of Escornalbou a test more than the childish Catalan Cup of BTT where two of our members of the club and go take part in category Benjamí achieving the 5 and 7 positions for Kilian Aguilera and Max Perellon respectively.
What are good results in this dificil championship and has to say that the circuit of Vilanova was very hard.
On the other hand contested to The Tower of the Spaniard (Ribera of Ebre) the pertinent test to the Xallenger Lands of the Ebre where took part Miquel Aros and finished 6th in category sub23 to the short circuit, where went leader and owing to a puncture goes will lose the position, and when almost had of nine the led went back to puncture and remained relegat to the 6 position.
To the next race will go back to struggle for the victory.

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