Trial With Motorbike

The Trial with motorbike is a very fulfilled sport and of big tradition in Catalonia with the best pilots of the Catalan world how Albert Cabestany, Toni Bou and Jeroni Fajardo, this does that the numeral of fans increase and is an overcoming sport, discipline, concentration and perseverance.

We are very impassioned of the trial with motorbike and know the technical to transmit to the students and everything they evolve quickly in the sport.

The SCHOOL, our club was born as a club of Trial with bicycle, based on motorbike, but at the begining of 2016 entered the motorbikes of trial electrical with an important success and where have been discovered champions of Catalonia and podis state who started being trained in our school.

The school has different groups separated in different levels..

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  • Saturdays from 11 to 13h


  • Girls: 1 day/week €30/month, 
  • Offer parents with student to the school, father and son: 1 day/week €60/month, 
  • Offer brothers (2 brothers): 1 day/week €62/month, 
  • Normal Price: 1 day/week €37/month.
  • Offer: a day of trial bici and a day of trial motorbike €67/month

( The feasibility and permissions for petrol motorbikes  as well as the extension of another day of class is being studied).

* Only one class: €16 
* particular Class Feliu Fortuny: 1 student €25/hour, 2 students €18/h/child the.

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