More activities

Our club has grown a lot in the last years, especially thanks to the diversification we have got and we have introduced different disciplines of cycling.

Moreover, in occasions people visit us with new ideas or simply, people who feel like practising other disciplines and seeing the advantadges they can take in our facilities..

In this way , many people have come to practise on punctual days parkour, since with all the obstacles they have can practise very well.

Also, sporadically they come to train rescue dogs, the rescue´s company is called k9 placed in Creixell where they prepare a team of dogs of rescue for earthquakes and other catastrophes, Obviously in this case the entrance is free for this ONG.

Another proposal that has arrived us, is the use of the space to practice trainings and remote control cars´races in modality of rally and of 4x4 trial.

We are waiting for you and we will receive you as well as possible. Ask for information or send us your proposal

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