Dirt Jump And Foam

The Dirt Jump are the jumps of land in a straight line, have of 4 lines, one of dubbies, another of small but technical jumps, one of "mesetes" average, and one of big with jumps hammered. Each one of the lines tea almost 100metres.

It does years that wanted to realise a track of dirt jump and to the 2015 it varem can materialise, was the start of the diversification of our club, where now practise many disciplines.

Taking advantage of an ancient pond varem build a Foam (swimming pool of foam) of 8 metres to realise jumps with a fall in soft for foam of mattress.

We have of monitors specialised in dirt jump for the school, also realise meetings.

The SCHOOL, the dirt jump also is a very technical discipline that requires a lot of control of the body jointly with the bicycle, so far realise classes the Saturdays in the morning, also rent bicycle for the beginners.

Also they will use the Foam, track of BMX and pumptrack.

Come to test a free class!! Reserve your square

Days of school and time:

  • Saturdays 11 to 13h


  • Offered parents with student to the school, father and son: 1 day/week €40/month. 
  • Offered brothers (2 brothers): 1 day/week €45/month.
  • Normal price: 1 day/week €25/month.
  • Offered a day of trial bici and a day of dirt €55/month

* Rent of bicycle €10/month
* Gone in by free €3/day
* Only one Class: €12 
* particular Class with Àngel Batlle or Patxi Ortiz: 1 child €35/hour, 2 students €25/h/child.

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