2020 Summer Camp -10%

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SUMMER CAMPUS 2020 that we hold in Torredembarra, the week of July 27 to August 28, with multiple activities, trial, mountain biking, swimming pool, beach, karting, games, etc.
From Monday to Friday except from 17 to 21 August there will be an intensive stay for advanced training for over 14s and adults.

Special emphasis on knowledge of norms, new reality, social education, interpersonal relationships, environmental values, environment and heritage, awareness and solidarity!
* Activities can be modified according to permits and viability in reference to Covid19
* We have a detailed protocol, the GROUPS will be reduced by less than 10 children

CAMPUS OPTIONS: 4 weeks € 330, 3 weeks € 255, 2 weeks € 180, one week € 100, 3 days € 75, one day € 40.
-10% per brother
Option only technification 2h / day 40 € / week

HOURS from 9 am to 9.30 am arrival and from 1.30 pm to 2 pm collection.
Option to extend until 6pm for € 30 with the option of lunch for € 15 / day.

RESERVATIONS until July 18 bikeparktdb@gmail.com

From 17 to 21 August there will be an intensive training stay for over 14s and adults, concentration type, at a price of 60 €, with training from 8 to 12h, specific technique, strength, knowledge of mechanics, sports psychology , food and preparation for competitions.

Remember that we will ALSO teach throughout July in the absence of specifying schedules and groups according to volume, or you can hire private lessons

Detailed information HERE



EASTER 2021:

This year we offer CYCLING campus. at Easter 2021
Choose a discipline and this will be done for half a morning intensively, the rest of the morning will be the leisure and tasting activities of the other disciplines.
From 6 to 10 April from 9 am to 2 pm, with the option to extend until 6 pm for an additional € 30, and lunch for € 15 / day.
ACTIVITIES, Cycling to choose from, intensive training mid-morning Trial, BTT or BMX; games and tasting of other modalities, excursions, karting, mechanics, etc.
PRICES: 5 days € 85, two days € 60, one day € 40. Bicycle rental option € 10.
RESERVATIONS UNTIL APRIL 4, bikeparktdb@gmail.com

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