BTT Mountainbike

The mountain bike is a discipline in trend, escaping of the roads the practitioners look for paths for the sportive practice in contact with the nature, is a healthy sport and in fashion apt for all the ages.

From the beginning of 2016 we believe in these cyclist disciplines with an important differentiation, since, to the expert being in Trial that it is the most technical discipline in  cycling,we  can apply and move a lot of technical to the bicycle always  terrestrial places, where although it does not seem, there is a lot to learn and in this way we go with more security by bicycle.

In our club we practice competitions of boys and adults, masterclasses, private classes and for groups, short trips guided and school two days a week. 

If you want to know new ways in the sport area, with paths, paths, motocross and interesting places, WE ARE what you are looking for!

The SCHOOL: as it has been said before, we work as school  and  we have arranged BTT events since 2016,.The school is for all  ages, we have students from 4 to 60 years old and we carry out groups of  different levels with several trainers and several days during the week, also we rent bicycles for the beginners.

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Days of school and Schedule:

  • Tuesday from 18 to 20h
  • Thursday from 18 to 20h
  • Saturdaysfrom  9 to 11h


  • Offer :parents with student to the school, father and son: 1 day/week €40/month, 2 days/sep. €75/month
  • Offer :brothers (2 brothers): 1 day/week €45/month, 2 days/sep. €78/month.
  • Normal price: 1 day/week €25/month, 2 days/sep. €45/month.
  • Offer: a day of trial bici and a day of BTT €55/month

* Hire a bicycle €10/month
* Only one Class: €12 
* Particular Class with Àngel Batlle or Patxi Ortiz: 1 student €35/hour, 2 students €25/h/to the.

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