BMX and Pumptrack

The BMX features of a circuit closed with jumps of land to which can realise turns, features of jumps, inertias and peraltes. Right now it is under construction.

The Pumptrack is a track of land that features of peraltes and small humps of land to take inertias. Right now it is under construction.

We have specialised instructors in this modality for the school and we also arrange meetings.

The SCHOOL, these modalities are also very technical and require a lot of control of the body jointly with the bicycle,when the tracks will be completely built the classes will be carried out  jointly with the dirt jump, and having more classes during the week will be studied.

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  • Saturdays from 11 to 13h


  • Offer parents with student to the school, father and son: 1 day/week €40/month. 
  • Offer brothers (2 brothers): 1 day/week €45/month.
  • Normal price: 1 day/week €25/month.
  • Offer a day of trial bicycle and a day of dirt €55/month

* Hiring a bike  €10/month
* Gone in by free €3/day
* Only one Class: €12 
* Private Class with Àngel Batlle or Patxi Ortiz: 1 student €35/hour, 2 students €25/h/child.

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