Trial with bicycle


The Trial with bicycle is a very fulfilled sport and healthy, heaves and exponential growth, since it is an individual sport, of personal growth, motivating, of concentration and self-discipline, of balance and technical; in fashion especially for the sportive successes of Spanish pilots, of the sport brother, the Trial with motorbike, pilot recognised how Albert Cabestany, Toni Bou and Jeroni Fajardo, that provenen of the bicycle achieving world-wide titles and that now triumph with the motorbikes. The bicycle is the previous step to the motorbike and this does that the numeral of fans increase.

However, it is the sport that practises and inspires  Àngel Batlle ,our creator and  maximum driving of the club, with a list of winners with more than 20 autonomic titles, 4 championships of España and a Championship of the World, between many other podis.

The Trial with bicycle , in spite of being a sport of risk, does not result much dangerous, the falls are controlled, since it does not bring speed (is more dangerous the BTT or cycling of road that bring some speed). 

The best pilots of the World are Catalan and that is a sport been born here. The Trial is an ecological and respectful sport with the nature, does not contaminate, keeps clean spaces, since those who practise it and observe clean the spaces especially of grasses and deixalles dangerous, in definite encouraged to know a sport fascinant with harmony with the nature that can practise since the 4 fine years exceeded the 40.

The SCHOOL, our club was born as a club of Trial with bicycle with no more than 10 students, now there are more than 60 and it grows every year. We have level groups with several trainers and several days during the week, also  we rent bicycle for the beginners.

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Days of school and Schedule:

  • Wednesday from 18 to 20h
  • Friday from 18 to 20h
  • Saturday from  9 to 11h


  • Girls: 1 day/week €20/month, 2 days/sep. €32/month, 3 days/sep. €49/month.
  • Offer parents with student to the school, father and son: 1 day/week €45/month, 2 days/sep. €70/month, 3 days/sep. €85/month.
  • Offer brothers (2 brothers): 1 day/week €49/month, 2 days/sep. €78/month, 3 days/sep. €100/month.
  • Normal price: 1 day/week €32/month, 2 days/sep. €49/month, 3 days/sep. €64/month.
  • Offer a day of trial bici and a day of trial motorbike €67/month

* Hire a  bicycle €10/month
* Only one Class: €12 
* particular Class with Sergi Segú or Feliu Fortuny: 1 child €20/hour, 2 childs €15/h/child the.
* Particular class with Àngel Batlle: 1 child €35/hour, 2 childs €25/h/child the.

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